Red Wine or White Wine: That is the Question | Papi Wines

The wine cooler freezer has become one of the leading solutions for storing your bottles elegant and lasting. It is not unusual not to know at what temperature to set it to store wine without damaging it properly and always offer it good and fresh to your guests. Not all wines have the same characteristics. To preserve the taste, it is good to consider all aspects. So here are some useful tips on white and red wine

Storage temperature

Storage temperature is the temperature at which your drinks should be stored. It’s that simple.

Generally, wines must be stored in environments without large temperature variations. Ideally, bottles should be stored in places that maintain a temperature between 14°c and 17°c.

  • How to store red wine

Red wine tends to be a full-bodied wine and requires particular attention to the storage temperature in the cooler to avoid damage. Generally, the storage of red wine takes place at a temperature between 12 °c and 16 °c. 

Some wines, especially the younger reds, can also be stored at a lower temperature. However, no red wine should drop below 11°c and exceed 18°c.

Red wine is delicate and must be stored correctly. This is to avoid precipitation phenomena of the wine, including sediments on the bottom. There can also be re-fermentations, oxidation, or evaporation of alcohol.

  • How to store white wine 

The conservation of white wine takes place at a very different temperature from red wine. Unlike the latter, it can be cooled slightly more. The ideal temperature for still white wine is between 8 and 12 °c. For bubbles, the limit to enjoy them pleasantly is around 10 °c. You will need a good refrigerator, like the best wine fridge UK to maintain such temperature.

Serving temperature

One of the most common mistakes people make is to think that the storage temperature varies according to the type of wine. Wines, in general, need an environment with a stable temperature without many oscillations. This already ensures that the wine can be enjoyed in all its fullness.

The second important temperature in the wine universe is the serving temperature, the ideal temperature to serve the wine. At this temperature, the drink will present the best expression in aromas and their taste characteristics, such as acidity, tannins, and alcohol.

It is a very important temperature to consider because different types of wines have different serving temperatures, which greatly impact your experience with the drink.

White wine, for example, should be served between 6°C and 12°C, but this does not mean that it needs to be stored at this temperature. Of course, it will be more comfortable if it is stored like this because you can serve it directly from the cellar to the glass.

But it is very important to remember that if you intend to store the label for more than 6 months, it is essential to leave it at the storage temperature (14°c to 17°c) to evolve correctly.

In red wine, for example, when served at lower than ideal temperatures, the aspect related to the tannins of the drink may be more evident, causing an unpleasant sensation in the taste buds. Whites wines are served Between 6°C and 12°C, while Full-bodied and Fortified reds are served Between 16°C and 18°C.