Are Sugar Feeders Healthy for Bananaquits?


Bananaquits (Coereba flaveola) are commonly called ‘Sugar Birds’ in the Virgin Islands. (Photo by Gail Karlsson)

Many people like to attract the local bananaquits by putting out sugar or sugar water. But some people ask if that is actually good for the birds.

I have been one of those questioners. It is certainly fun to have an eager bunch of birds waiting for you to get up in the morning and fill the feeder. Still, for a long time, I resisted getting a feeder because I thought the bananaquits were better off finding their own food in a normal bird

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What history and Covid tell us about building healthy cities

The roots of modernism are less groundbreaking than reactionary. And the response was to tuberculosis. The late 19th century was unwell with TB. Filthy streets and smoky air, darkish courtyards and rooms filled with velvet-upholstered furniture, hangings and ornaments.

The answer was the sanatorium. The gleaming white refuge in the mountains with its fresh air, bracing breezes, and blankets on the balcony. It was the environment of Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, the sanatorium as a metaphor for a crack from the city, cleansed by modernity and the health care equipment.

Architectural historian Beatriz Colomina indicates that “modern architecture

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How to Eat Healthier in 2022 and Beyond: The Future of Food

In the coming yrs, we can assume to see some significant changes in the way that we take in. Engineering is advancing at a swift pace, and this is owning a big affect on the foods sector. In this blog site post, we will explore some of the most thrilling developments in meals technologies that are established to choose off in 2022 and over and above. Like any other form of resolution, there are a number of straightforward techniques you can stick to to aid you create achievable consuming plans, keep away from food plan burnout, and sustain your balanced

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5 Tips To Find The Best Family Restaurant 

Spending high quality time with the relatives is a terrific way to bond with your liked ones. 1 action you can do alongside one another as a household is to go to a family members cafe. Numerous restaurants cater exclusively to families. Their menu can cater to your youngest’s requirements so that every family member eats their fill.  

best family restaurant

Try these straightforward guidelines to discover the most effective family members restaurant for your up coming loved ones outing. You will be in a position to take care of your spouse and children to a feast though saving income.  

  1. Take into consideration
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