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Milk tea is a modern drink with a very high sugar content, so you need to understand how to make milk tea to get around this. There are several things you can do to enjoy a healthier milk tea without compromising on its deliciousness. Want to know how? Let’s see the following review!

Choosing Healthier Toppings

The first tip to make milk tea is to replace the topping of chewy bubble balls with healthier food ingredients. Bubbles or boba are generally made from cassava flour, sweet potatoes, and sugar, so the existence of bubbles actually has no nutritional value at all.

The calories contained in the bubble are almost half a glass of milk tea . Therefore this can derail your diet plan. However, there is no need to worry, bubble can be replaced with healthy ingredients such as aloe vera or other fibrous foods.

Using Small Amounts of Sugar

Trying to reduce the normal amount of sugar in milk tea is one way to enjoy a healthier milk tea. You can still feel the pleasure of this drink, even though the amount of sugar in one portion is only half of the normal dose.

This is because the ingredients in this drink are milk and tea. Using half a serving of sugar is one way to minimize the disease caused by consuming too much sugar.

Consume Regular Tea or Fruit Tea

It is common knowledge, if milk tea is a drink that has high sugar content and calories. To be on the safe side, you can replace milk with a fruit juice drink, while the tea can use green or black tea.

For fans of fruit drinks, you can combine a glass of fruit juice with bubble wrap . This combination of ingredients is an alternative to enjoying a contemporary drink with a healthier version.

Making Your Own Milk Tea

Milk tea is guaranteed to be healthier if you make it yourself at home. Basically the process of making it is also not difficult, even for beginners though. The ingredients that need to be prepared are bubble wrap , milk and palm sugar. Then you can mix it according to taste with a portion to taste.

Regarding the previous discussion, although the taste of milk tea is very good, it is not recommended to consume it too often.

Using Small-Sized Glasses

Generally, beverage outlets set the difference in the price of large and small packaged milk teas not too far. This is a very clever marketing strategy, so buyers tend to choose large glasses, because they are considered more economical.

When viewed from the health aspect, it would be nice if you drink milk tea in a smaller glass. It aims to minimize sugar consumption. Remembering that consuming too much sugar can have an impact on the body, for example, headaches.

Drink lots of white water

Basically, water can keep the body hydrated and play a role in the process of removing toxins from the food and drinks consumed. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume more water after drinking milk tea.

Share it with Friends

If the portion of milk tea that you make or buy is too much, you should also share anchay.vn with other people, don’t consume it alone. These tips for making milk tea are also a way to help you avoid excessive sugar consumption.

So, those are some tips for making milk tea that you can apply to enjoy contemporary drinks in a healthier way. To make the milk tea taste more delicious, you can use jelly powder and full cream milk from PT Global Solusi Ingredia.