map of the United States showing official state foods, Getty Images (5)

Official state foods

Each state has a lot to offer when it comes to food. With a rich and vast history, each sector of the United States has developed its own culinary staples. You may be able to think of some of the best hamburgers, best pizzerias, and best coffee shops for each state, but do you know there’s a specific food that each place is known for that goes beyond traditional restaurants? Some of these food choices may even come as a surprise.

How we choose the official state foods

Many states recognize a specific food as a symbol of their state, whether it’s the official state fruit, vegetable, dessert, or even snack. You can read more about each state’s history through food on their respective government websites. Still, there are a few states that haven’t declared any type of food as their own, so we chose some favorite foods that honor the state’s history and its people.