A viral video of a “spaghetti hack” has angered thousands online after the bizarre clip recommended mixing the food on top of your kitchen counter.

The video was re-shared online by YouTuber Jarvis Johnson in a popular tweet poking fun at the hack being suggested. At the time of publication, the cooking video has been viewed 1.9 million times on Twitter and has over 17,000 likes.

Although it was shared by Johnson, the clip actually originates from Facebook creator couple “Joe and Lisa,” who have over 25,000 likes on the social media platform.

For most people the hardest part of cooking spaghetti for a group is deciding how much pasta to cook. Seemingly for Joe and Lisa however, it’s where to mix it together as they suggest doing so on top of a bare counter.

“What a normal and ultimate spaghetti hack!” joked Johnson in the viral tweet.

The video shows the woman begin by pouring a large jar of Prego sauce directly over her marble countertop. “This is the easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd,” she assures. “You don’t have to worry about dishes or a mess or anything like that.”

Meatballs are then poured on top of the sauce, followed by parmesan cheese which is sprinkled over it. Lisa confirms in the clip that she uses the hack “all the time” because it’s the fastest way “to feed a ton of people.”

Finally, the spaghetti pasta is added, or “dumped” as she puts it, before it’s mixed together on the counter using wooden utensils.

Although the video raises questions as to why anyone would want to use the cooking hack, it appears to be the latest in a long line of shock-style cooking and prank videos made by the couple. The videos tend to draw in “hate-watching” views, with people watching in order to discuss how much they disliked it, knowing that would be the outcome beforehand.

On May 9, the couple shared a bacon, chocolate and marshmallow recipe that took on the familiar style of the confused friend behind the camera. While last week, the account also posted a video advising to use a kitchen towel holder to “cook chicken for a crowd.”

The spaghetti hack wasn’t the kitchen counter’s debut either, as a video from April 25 shows Lisa pouring cheese, hotdog sausages, butter and macaroni pasta onto it too.

Wind-up or not, the viral video has managed to enrage the internet and gained over 10,000 quote-tweets in less than 24 hours.

“Somewhere in the world an Italian has broken their screen after seeing this,” tweeted one viewer.

“As an Italian, i’d like to report this as a hate crime. FIRST OFF, she’s using Prego?! LOCK HER UP RIGHT NOW!” added another Twitter user.

Newsweek contacted Josh and Lisa for a comment.

Pasta with meatballs and parsley
Pasta with meatballs and parsley. A Facebook couple have gone viral after sharing a strange spaghetti cooking hack. Getty Images.
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