Mac and cheese restaurant specials for National Mac and Cheese Day

The Short Rib Mac and Cheese at Proper Grit in downtown West Palm Beach features braised short rib and mushrooms topped with crispy fried onions on top.

What is the best detail in lifestyle? 

If you have been to check with Conan in the 1982 vintage “Conan the Barbarian,” it might be “to crush your enemies and see them pushed ahead of you.”

Clearly, we’re a more innovative lot these days. Ask adequate people today right now, and you will probably discover the best in lifestyle can be summed up in a few words and phrases: mac and cheese.  

If you need to have proof: There’s an real National Mac and Cheese Day — and it truly is nowadays.

A single of the culinary world’s most vintage consolation food items and a dietary staple for quite a few from ages 2 to 92 (and over and above), mac and cheese is good.

A lot of men and women would connect with it good.

Moms and dads of finicky eaters may even praise the dish as a sanity saver. (Significantly, along with pb&j and chicken tenders, is there nearly anything extra beloved by small children than mac and cheese?)