May 9, 2022 (McLean, VA) – Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is celebrating ten years of achievement in the food allergy space during this special Living Teal Food Allergy Awareness Week. Today on “Menu Monday” we are specifically highlighting the strides made in kitchens around the world. 

When FARE started a decade ago, there were not many options for individuals with food allergies to enjoy a delicious meal that was also safe for them to consume. Not only could the majority of restaurants not cater to an individual with special food restrictions, but also cooking at home had restrictions as well. Today, that scene has changed dramatically. 

The abundance of restaurants that can modify meals according to an allergy, and the swaps cooks can make in their home kitchens, are all encouraging developments for the food allergy community. Eating-out and cooking-in aren’t as scary as they once were. 

For tips on eating-out with a food allergy, please visit our dining out webpage. For information on food swaps, please check out the FARE series “Simple Substitutions” with world-renowned vegan and food allergy chef Leslie Durso. In the series, she identifies top ingredient swaps for some of the most common food allergies. Additionally, FARE developed the Simple Substitutions hub: a video library of quick and easy ingredient swaps for popular recipes. 

Today at 6:00 PM ET, tune in to a special cooking demonstration with Chef and Food Network star, David Rose. This private & special events chef and caterer will demonstrate how to prepare a delicious allergy-friendly Lemon–Herb Spatchcock Chicken with Arugula Salsa Verde. Be sure to check out this special demo on the FARE Facebook page! 

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