If Oreo Maggi or Nutella Biryani made you pull your hair out, wait till we tell you about the latest addition to the world of food experiments. The sudden obsession with cooking during the lockdown has added your most favourite food duo — Chai and Parle-G biscuits — to the list of bizarre food combinations. It ain’t an ordinary pair, it’s an emotion, and Parle-G is all about nostalgia. Now, would you like to have your favourite food combination in the form of popsicles? Like, a chai-biscuit popsicle?

Well, a video shared by a Mumbai-based food blogger Mahima, who uses the handle ‘diningwithdhoot’ on IG, is doing the rounds with a caption that reads, “Chai Biscuit Popsicles. Tag a chai lover cause they are going to love this! The divine combo is even better in this popsicle form. And given how hot it is outside it’s the perfect way to have chai.” Check it out yourself:

Video Credit: diningwithdhoot, Instagram

In the video, we can see Mahima crushing a packet of Parle-G and putting the crushed biscuits in a mould. Next, she added the regular doodh wali chai and froze it. And voila! Looks pretty simple, right? To add that extra element to the popsicles, she topped them with some biscuit crumbs. In no time, her post was flooded with reactions from desi netizens who were intrigued and found it interesting enough to try. 

A user wrote, “Never thought you could make a popsicle with this flavour! Can’t wait to try it!”. Another commented, “Parle-G popsicles!!! Wow!! This is genius. Really enjoyed watching this”. The post was further followed by comments like, “LOVE this omg! Bet they were so good” and “Mahima you just never cease to amaze me man, back with another creative work of yours with this chai biscuit popsicle I love just how easy it is to make as well and this is a PERFECT summer treat.”

In all honesty, we are a little confused by this new food invention. What do you think about this latest food experiment? Would you like to try this one out? Let us know in the comments section below.

Lead Image Credit: Parle-G and diningwithdhoot, Instagram