LOS ANGELES — When Chef Willie Wallace began cooking as a meal prepper, his clients noticed something special about his cooking. Its made with love, and his fan base grew fast through word of mouth, friends, and social media, “I was getting a really good response from people as to you know, how the food was tasting.” Wallace said.

Through recommendations, Wallace landed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cook for a family overseas. Without hesitation, he was on a flight to Tokyo, Japan. “I didn’t even know who he was. So I said I’m there. I’m down.” Wallace said.

Little did he know this family he would cook for would be Kanye Wests. It wasnt until Wallace found out he was cooking for West the next day. Determined to make an impression, Wallace knew he would be the West familys personal chef.

With the holidays upon us, its a significant time of year for Wallace. Cooking to bring families together. Soul food, to be exact. “So I love cooking for people for the holidays, making them feel good, bringing that family time together and things like that. So it is definitely one of my favorite times to cook.” Wallace said.