If you want to know which famous individual Billie Eilish has designed out with, way too negative. On Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Late Exhibit,” the singer proved she’d consume the most disgusting foodstuff James Corden could come up with just before indicating if, or who, she could or may perhaps not have kissed. And since Grammy and Oscar winner Eilish is a single of the most likable folks in new music, the full issue was hilarious.

The minute was component of Corden’s recurring “Spill the Tea” segment, where by he and a celeb question one an additional personalized concerns. They the two have the solution of declining to response, but if they do, they have to try to eat or drink anything disgusting as penance.

For this version, Corden assembled a table full of reasonably vile takes on regular British food, like Flaming Incredibly hot Scones. (Gross.) For Eilish’s initially issue, Corden picked a thing known as “putrid peas profiterol,” which consisted of “mushy peas, with a chocolate drizzle, vegan ham, and pureed and uncooked garlic.” (Again, gross.)

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“Billie, you are famously non-public about your appreciate life,” Corden explained as he started to inquire the concern.

“Oh, for the really like of God,” Eilish claimed.

“Have you at any time kissed a well-known person,” Corden asked.

“Can I just give a certainly or no?” Eilish questioned.

“Nope. Sorry, I missed a little bit of the problem,” Corden stated as the audience groaned. “Have you ever kissed a well known particular person and who was it?”

Eilish just blushed, virtually, as the audience laughed and Corden whispered, “Have you?”

“Don’t fret about it,” Eilish stated, as she picked up the disgusting mess and declared: “I’m actually shaking.”

Sure, she ate it – well, most of it – even the raw garlic, and seemed about as disgusted whilst accomplishing it as anybody would be. She even spit some of it out for the reason that, as we talked about, the foodstuff seemed really awful. But, like a boss, she didn’t spill who it is she may or may not have produced out with.

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“All I’m thinking is, who could it be that you’d rather consume that than notify us,” Corden joked.

The bit ongoing from there. For instance, Eilish permitted Corden to see her a few most latest DMs, which were being pretty wonderful. And Corden refused to enable her see his most latest texts with Harry Designs. The full matter is very superior exciting, and you can watch it above right now.