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Benefits of using custom cups with lids

Nowadays, paper cups are spread worldwide. Due to their advantages, they have gained popularity in the world market, overtaking their rivals from other materials. We are used to the fact that you can run into a coffee shop near the house and get tasty and aromatic coffee in a paper cup that is pleasant to the touch and attractive.

Usage of cups with lids

Disposable custom cups with lids have many uses. They can be used as a container for hot and cold food and beverage, snacks, yogurts, and ice cream. In addition, a modern paper cup is a “dish” for removing thirst and a well-thought-out marketing move, a tool for brand promotion and advertising. It all depends on the idea of marketers.

Today, all over the world, the leading consumer companies of paper cups are:

  • airlines;
  • catering companies;
  • vending companies;
  • fast food chains and eateries for serving french fries, fried wings, first and second courses;
  • coffee houses and restaurants, incl. for the implementation of the popular service “drink to go” (take away);
  • advertising agencies;
  • organizers of promotions and other public events;
  • movie theaters (for packing popcorn);
  • producers of ice cream, yogurt, etc.

And this is understandable since convenience and practicality came to the fore. It is worth noting a wide variety of colors, shapes, and glasses with a lid and a straw – the type of products pleasantly surprise.

Additional products for cups:

  • Plastic lids protect the contents of the glasses from dust and dirt. It can be with pot, domed, and straw hole cardboard cuffs that are put on the glass and tightly fit. The product holds tightly and does not fall out during transportation. It is made from corrugated cardboard. Protects hands. Serves as an excellent advertising surface.
  • Cardboard holders are suitable for carrying several glasses. The holder is designed for two or four glasses of hot drinks, coffee, and tea: each is inserted into a separate cell and securely held.
  • The tubules are designed for chilled beverages. They have a corrugated fold for ease of use.

Advantages of disposable cups for catering

Custom restaurant supplies for your cafe will undoubtedly bring many benefits. Today it is one of the essential attributes which dramatically simplifies the operation of the institution and, thanks to a successful and original design, will appeal to customers. Among the main advantages of such dishes should be highlighted:

  • Versatility – cups can serve a variety of drinks, both hot and chilled: coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, juice, kvass, cocktail, soda, and ice cream, and fruits can be served in glasses with a dome lid.
  • Practicality – there is no article on financial costs for the purchase of dishwashing detergents and the wages of dishwashers since the cups are thrown away after use.
  • Convenience and compactness – these products are pretty durable, folded into each other, they take up very little space.
  • Hygiene – disposable tableware prevents the spread of bacteria, viruses, and microbes.
  • Another essential positive quality is their low cost.

Our Company offers B2B services of production of disposable cups of different sizes with the possibility of order delivery to any corner of the country.

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