As part of the digital generation, we must have started to realize that life is now very practical. Almost everything we need or want can be obtained with just a few ‘clicks’ on our smartphone .

Coupled with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic which forced us to stay home , the trend of shopping online is increasing. Naturally, consumers also expect to be able to order online for various needs, including food.

Because of this change, many consumers expect their favorite restaurant to provide online ordering facilities . The online ordering system is not only convenient for consumers, but also profitable for businesses.

Still can’t see the benefits of online ordering systems for businesses? Let’s see the following explanation!

Ordering just got easier

Although for take away , consumers usually have to visit the restaurant directly to place an order. Another traditional option, consumers order by phone, right?

From the description above, it can be seen that this method is not efficient at all. The good news is, now you can adopt technology so that consumers can order food from your restaurant online .

Interestingly, you don’t even have to bother creating a special site or website . Now there is an online order application that is integrated with the POS system. By using this system, the process of ordering food can be easier. 

More efficient order management

By utilizing an online order application , orders will enter the restaurant kitchen automatically. That way, you can manage orders precisely and efficiently.

The risk of the kitchen team preparing the wrong order is reduced because the order details can be viewed directly in the app. In addition, food can always be prepared immediately based on the order in which the order is placed.

That way, consumers wait in the optimal timeframe. In essence, this system simplifies the process from the order being made to being sent to the consumer.

Customer database management is also efficient

Not only order management, but also customer database management becomes more efficient thanks to the online order system. The online order system will improve the restaurant ‘s relationship with consumers through the data in the CRM system.

In a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system , you can get more information than just sales. There is information about new orders, ongoing orders, or canceled orders, and other information.

You have specific data related to the menu ordered by consumers so that it can be the basis for making strategic business decisions. So, you can understand consumers better.

By implementing an online ordering system , you can answer various questions such as: who are the regular customers at your restaurant? What menu do they like? Which food menu is the most popular?

These data are certainly very valuable because you can get to know consumers in depth. In fact, you can create personalized menus, promotions or offers to provide a special experience for each consumer.

Up sale strategy or increase sales

Have you ever heard that a person can shop more when he is hungry? This is not just a rumor or opinion, but has been proven in research.

Well, generally consumers open online ordering applications when hungry. Therefore, the potential for them to order more is huge. Indirectly, providing online ordering services can be a strategy to increase sales.

However, this needs to be supported by appetizing menu photos. As the saying goes, the first bite is taken by the eye. In other words, you need to present images that are visually appealing .

Thus, consumers will be compelled to order more than what might be made over the phone or when reading a written menu in a restaurant .

Easier to manage menu online

If you think about it properly, managing an online menu is arguably easier and relatively economical. First, of course you are free from the cost of printing menus which are sometimes not cheap because you definitely want to present a special menu list, right?

Next, you have the flexibility to change the menu whenever needed. It also gives you room to experiment with menus in order to optimize sales.

For example, changing the layout of the menu while analyzing which template is bringing in the most sales. In addition, you can also set promotions that apply daily.

In fact, you can advertise certain menus with limited supply only on certain days or hours. These methods also return to the previous point, which can support increased sales. Consumers have a sense of urgency to buy certain food menus.


In today’s digital era, the restaurant is at a loss if it doesn’t accommodate an online order system . You can make it by using service from This system will make it easier for consumers to place orders while making it easier for businesses to manage these orders.