Colorado Springs cooking school chef offers new food trends for 2022 | Lifestyle

Halloumi burgers, shiitake “bacon” and potato milk. Have you ever heard of these foods?

I hadn’t until I started doing research for a story on recent food trends.

After I wrote the article, I spoke with David Cook, co-owner of Gather Food Studio & Spice Shop, to see if he was familiar with any of these.

“I could write an entire book about what I’ve been noticing trending in the food industry,” he said.

16 food and drink trends for 2022: Buzz-less booze, turmeric, hibiscus and the new happy hour

Many of the trends I’d discovered were on his radar,

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Cooking with Kanye West’s chef, Willie Wallace

LOS ANGELES — When Chef Willie Wallace began cooking as a meal prepper, his clients noticed something special about his cooking. Its made with love, and his fan base grew fast through word of mouth, friends, and social media, “I was getting a really good response from people as to you know, how the food was tasting.” Wallace said.

Through recommendations, Wallace landed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cook for a family overseas. Without hesitation, he was on a flight to Tokyo, Japan. “I didn’t even know who he was. So I said I’m there. I’m down.” Wallace said.

Little did

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Chef says climate change can be tackled if you cook the way your momma (really) did

Science and innovation are bringing a dizzying number of new meat alternatives, from the booming rise of Beyond and Impossible to dozens of global startups hoping to replace land-hungry, pollution-belching animal agriculture with protein fermented in labs.

But chef Camilla Marcus prefers to look back to find food solutions. Modern diets are formed by “an overhang from the industrial revolution,” she says. “Which is not how your mom cooked. That isn’t how historical cultures cooked. It was much more about zero waste and being sustainable. Nothing was left on a plate, nothing wasn’t repurposed.”

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How Chef Jordan Andino defines Filipino food

For one of the nation’s leading Filipino chefs, Jordan Andino combined his successes in professional kitchens and seized an opportunity to introduce America to the real flavors of his heritage.

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