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Charlotte food blogger Jess Bentley’s cabbage lasagna.

If you’re tired of looking at your kitchen at this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, maybe we can help. Making home cooked meals from scratch is a great way to stick to your healthy new year’s resolutions while keeping your immune system strong.

Taking a break from pre-packaged foods and takeout delivery services by whipping up something new in the kitchen can also help you save money, expand your culinary horizons and pass the time at home in a fun new way.

Anyone else fresh out of ideas for new dishes?

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Ina Garten Has a Snow Day & These Are Some of the Cozy Recipes She Might Be Making

There’s a big snow storm hovering over the Northeast today, and kids and adults alike are reveling in the coziness of a wintry snow day. Even our favorite celebs, like Ina Garten, are marveling at the winter wonderland and trying to stay cozy and warm at home. We love to tackle a nice comfort food cooking project when it’s cold outside and we have nowhere to go, so we started wondering – if we were Ina Garten, trapped in our beautiful Hamptons home during a snow storm, what would we make? These are just a few of the

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The Best Super Bowl Food for 2021

The Best Super Bowl Food for 2021

CLASSIC PLAY French onion dip (with an ultra-rich and savory caramelized-onion topping): It’s what’s for Super Bowl Sunday.


F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal, Set Styling by Anne Cardenas, Food Styling Heather Meldrom

THERE’S AT LEAST one upside to not being able to attend a raucous Super Bowl party this year: no competition for the snacks. Perhaps in years past you arrived late to the party and ended up with the only chair without a back, far from the snack table, where the dip disappeared from the bowl long before you could fight your way to it. This year

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