Krista DeSocio, local cook and food blogger, will compete in the ultimate grilling competition in a new show, Grill of Victory

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A local home cook and food blogger is making her mark on the food world and now she gets to do it on a national stage.  Krista DeSocio will appear on a new show on Food Network this summer.

Krista is most comfortable in her home kitchen prepping, cooking, creating delicious dishes for her food blog and Instagram account.

“There is something about feeding people and nourishing people that is really special,” said DeSocio.

Her passion for cooking grew when she got married and started traveling the globe.

“I just developed this love of food and ingredients and seeing these chefs in their native land like Thailand and seeing these old techniques still used today,” said DeSocio. 

She started a food blog and it took off from there.

“I get to share a piece of me and hopefully fill a belly and put smiles on faces,” said DeSocio.

But what put a smile on her face was a very important phone call.

“The food network had this new show idea and they hired a talent agency. The casting agency found me on Instagram,” said DeSocio. “I got the call from the production company here in town that I made the cut!”

The show is called Grill of Victory and every ingredient has to be grilled.

“When I showed up on set it was like ‘ahhhh!'” said DeSocio.

The show, the blog, instagram, Krista is fulfilling her biggest life dreams.

“I get some of the sweetest messages from people. One lady has cancer and she says she tunes in to my stories every day because she knows it’s going to be happy and light and fun and I’m like ‘awww!'” said DeSocio. 

Grill of Victory airs Monday nights on the Food Network at 10:00. Desocio’s episode airs July 26th.