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The CYP Cook performs various tasks or a sequence of tasks in food service preparation. Tasks consist of several steps that require attention to work operations and follow and established sequence of work. These tasks, which are summarized into categories related to food preparation and service, kitchen maintenance, and food storage, are summarized below.

Food Preparation and Service

Prepares all types of meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruit sauces, and gravies for menus.

Prepare, cook, season, and portion food for all meals by following standardized recipes at different levels of difficulty and plan, regulate, and schedule cooking procedures so that

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Want To Cook More At Home This Year? Here’s How To Keep Your Resolution.

If it seems like everything always tastes better at your favorite eatery, you’re probably right — but never fear. This can be the year you start turning out five-star meals from your own home kitchen. We talked to chefs about the easiest, quickest and smartest ways to up your cooking game, and here’s what they told us.

1. Do big things with humble ingredients

Chef and cookbook author Robin Asbell told HuffPost, “There are a few easy steps that will make every dish taste better. First is to take the time to cook your onions. I get a little twitch

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Cook County follows Chicago with COVID-19 vaccination mandate for patrons of restaurants, gyms and other businesses

CHICAGO — Cook County will follow Chicago in imposing a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for patrons 5 and older of restaurants, bars, gyms and an assortment of other businesses, officials are expected to announce Thursday.

The mandate for suburban Cook County takes effect Monday, Jan. 3, as does Chicago’s.

The indoor establishments that will be required to ask for proof of vaccination status also include gyms and anywhere else food and drink are served, according to a copy of the COVID-19 order from the Cook County Department of Public Health. Those who are 16 and older also must show an ID,

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Cook better chicken with these classic techniques from The New York Times

Nearly 10 years ago, former New York Times food editor Amanda Hesser published a once-in-a-generation book, “The Essential New York Times Cookbook.” In its 2010 review, Saveur extolled the work as a “tremendously appealing collection of recipes that tells the story of American cooking.” In addition to being a New York Times bestseller, it went on to win a James Beard Award.

To mark the tin anniversary of her cookbook, Hesser, who is now the CEO of Food52updated the modern-day classic for a new contingency of home cooks living in a world impacted by a 

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