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Arts and Entertainment Technologies is the first professionally oriented Bachelor of Science program offered by the College of Fine Arts. With coursework in sport design, themed entertainment, music and sound, movement graphics and video, immersive media, interactive storytelling, and other creative know-how fields, this cross-disciplinary program is targeted on the long run. A versatile degree plan allows college students to double-major or minor in different areas of examine corresponding to design, pc science, or business. The media, arts and entertainment sector is commonly project-based and requires profitable interplay with people throughout industries to facilitate advancement of concepts and inventive products.… Read More

Minnesota Cooks cookbook highlights local ingredients, farmers and chefs

Since 2003, the Minnesota Farmers Union has been connecting farmers and chefs in a popular, recipe-driven program called Minnesota Cooks, which culminates in a fun and fascinating annual event at the Minnesota State Fair. The program is also responsible for the ultimate fair freebie, the gotta-have Minnesota Cooks calendar.

Armed with nearly 20 years of recipes that celebrate Minnesota-grown ingredients, longtime Minnesota Cooks writer Claudine Arndt and photographer Katie Cannon have produced “The Farmer and the Chef” (Globe Pequot, $27.95), a lively, informative and user-friendly cookbook that illuminates the lives of the state’s farmers and food makers, then continues to

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