Bain Barbecue food truck cooks up Texas-style barbecue in Memphis

For months now, every Sunday morning folks have lined up in lawn chairs in front of a small aluminum food truck.  What were they patiently waiting in line for? Bryant Bain’s Texas-style barbecue.

Tender brisket, meaty fall-off-the-bone ribs and Instagram-worthy “Dino” beef ribs are just a few of the items that have created an almost cult-like following for Bain Barbecue.

Bain Barbecue debuted March 28. The new food truck originally was parked at the corner of Central Avenue and was open only on Sunday. Initially, service would start at 11 a.m. and, on most days, the barbecue was sold

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2,000 Cook County workers go on strike

A day after hundreds of Cook County Health nurses staged a one-day strike, 2,000 more county workers went on strike Friday after failing to reach a contract agreement with management.

Union leaders accused Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle of turning her back on essential workers who “risked their lives and their families during the pandemic.”

“It appears that she is punishing Local 73 members for standing up for themselves, their families and their community,” Dian Palmer, SEIU Local 73’s president, said in a statement.

The striking workers include custodians, technicians and administrative staff. They have been negotiating for a

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Is your hot sauce hot stuff? This company can help you turn a side hustle into a business

IRVINE, CA - JUNE 07: Employees fulfill customers orders inside Village Green Foods on Monday, June 7, 2021 in Irvine, CA. (Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)

Village Green Foods in Irvine transforms recipes for products like dressings, marinades, spreads and soups into shelf-stable, mass-produced products. (Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)

For the last 15 months, Jenny Rosoff has started most of her mornings with one mission: helping home cooks and entrepreneurs pursue their culinary dreams.

In an industrial kitchen built for giants, dwarfed by 100-gallon pots and skillets larger than manhole covers, Rosoff and her staff of 30 at Village Green Foods in Irvine transform recipes into shelf-stable, mass-produced products.

Village Green Foods has been a behind-the-scenes force in Southern California for 30 years, manufacturing

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The Biggest Food Secrets Chick-fil-A Doesn’t Want You to Know

When it comes to fast food, one of the most popular spots to grab a truly delicious fast-food meal is none other than is Chick-fil-A. Fans of the southern (but now expanding!) chain can’t seem to get enough of the waffle fries, lemonade, and savory chicken sandwiches. While we all know that Chick-fil-A’s cookies are an actual culinary dream to get in the drive-thru, employees of the restaurant are spilling secrets about what it’s like to work there, menu hacks, and general things that the brand might not way you to know.

So we rounded up

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