As summer kicks off, the food bank is giving kids a chance to learn culinary skills while having fun

There are plenty of fun activities for kids to do throughout the summer but one at the Coastal Bend Food Bank is teaching them something new while also feeding their taste buds.

“We have found that this is a really good way to introduce children to more fruits and vegetables, getting that hands on experience,” said Shelby Cook, a community registered dietitian.

Through recipes and a follow-along instructor, children learn how to make a variety of meals from quesadillas to homemade pasta sauce.

“The more exposure a child gets to a certain vegetable or fruit, the more likely the child is to start showing interest in it. Start at the grocery store, maybe asking to start looking through the produce section, and they’re more open to trying it,” said Cook.

The culinary kits include all of the ingredients needed. They also are given in reusable bags and are free for kids who enroll.

“The first 100 children will get a kit it’ll be ready for pickup on June 25, so all they have to do is call the food bank, ask for the nutrition team, and we can get them registered,” said Cook.

You can find more information here