New AppeThai food truck offers tasty Southeast Asian cuisine

Thitinart Boriboon arrived in California to start a certification program at UCLA on March 16, 2020, just as all classes went virtual.

“March 20 the classes were moved online, and I realized that I didn’t need to be in LA,” the Fountain City resident said. “So, I reached out to my family here in Knoxville. I thought I would eventually move back to LA, but then I met more Thai people here and stayed.

“Before I moved here from Bangkok, I didn’t know how to cook,” Boriboon said. “I missed Thai food a lot, so I learned to cook.”


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Food That’s Worth Waiting For

Good morning. I made a quesadilla the other day: ham and Swiss cheese with some mango salsa I had in the fridge, with sour cream and Jamaican hot sauce. I took my time making it, too, cooking the tortillas slowly in butter so they crisped and pillowed, flipping them back and forth a few times before I fished the package out of the pan to rest for a moment, then cut it in eighths. My wife grew impatient and asked: “What is that, a slow-food quesadilla?”

Maybe? (Give it a try yourself.) I like the process of cooking as

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10 Best Food-Related Anime | ScreenRant

Food in anime always looks so good, such as soups and eggs in Studio Ghibli movies, and the elaborate bento lunches that mothers prepare for their kids. Many anime also take inspiration from food to inform their characters, for example, Tokyo Mew Mew based its core characters on food items such as strawberries, lettuce, and pudding.

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Like a lot of things in anime, cooking is often portrayed as a battle between rivals, competing to create the best dish that will literally knock the diner’s socks off. However, some anime take it

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Indianapolis cook demos Japanese cuisine

Sure, William Shatner will be there, as will Will Friedle, but it is Mori Lemau Willhite who will blaze the path to a new world — one that has food discussions and cooking demonstrations at the Indiana Comic Convention this weekend.

She will do a cooking demonstration as part of two panels on Japanese culture and cuisine during the show, which runs Friday through Sunday at the Indiana Convention Center

The sessions address how Japanese food relates to comics and animation.

It’s the first time for a food panel at the con, which it launched in 2014, organizers

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