A guide to thickeners: cornstarch, tapioca, arrowroot, potato starch and flour

As Harold McGee explains in “On Food and Cooking,” starches are made of long chains of glucose sugar molecules that are linked to each other. Starches are useful in thickening because of the way they behave in the presence of hot water. He summarizes the process in “Keys to Good Cooking”: “When heated in a liquid, starch granules soak up water, swell, and release long, tangly starch molecules, all factors that cause the liquid to thicken.”

McGee says that cooking for an extended period, bringing the mixture to a boil or vigorous stirring will eventually thin out the mixture, which

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The best restaurants in Greater Manchester according to the Michelin Guide 2021

This year’s Michelin Guide has been announced, celebrating the very best of the globe’s food and drink industry.

19 restaurants in Greater Manchester have made it into the prestigious guide, from pubs to fine dining to tapas restaurants.

The prestigious Michelin stars were handed out in a live-streamed event on Monday, with two new venues in London nabbing a coveted third star.

Here in Greater Manchester, Mana retained its Michelin star – the first in the city for more than 40 years – but there were no other new additions.

Stockport’s Where The Light Gets In, however, was awarded a

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The ultimate meal planning guide to beat the lockdown cooking slog

Simon and Yana Shaer live in north London with their two boys – seven year-old Noam, and Reuben who’s 10. Both parents are currently working from home (Simon is a surveyor and Yana works for HSBC), and share the cooking and looking after the boys. Fitting their work around this is no small feat.

The challenges of lockdown are ­particularly defined at the end of the working day and start of the evening. “There used to be a time when you came in from work and chatted to coffee bean brands australia the boys, had a cup of tea, then

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