Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


An apple a day can indeed keep the doctor away, but make sure you wash it first. Pesticides on fruits and veggies are one of the leading causes of toxins in food, and being safe is always better than being sorry. Being diligent in washing your foods today if you want to avoid the nasties — and the doctor.


You may find yourself smitten with someone new today, so don’t be afraid to set up a dinner date. Choosing a place that’s light and fun takes the pressure off what’s sometimes a stressful time. A Tex-Mex restaurant could set the right mood, and after sharing a lively Chicken Kiva, love, or at least like, could be in the air.


Details could distract and overwhelm you today. Obsessing over every tiny little thing keeps you from getting much done. Boiling things down to their essences could be tough, but give it a try for the sake of your sanity — and don’t even think about ordering baked trout at dinner. All those little bones just drive you crazy!


Test yourself today by taking on something detailed and intricate. There’s no better place for doing that than in the kitchen. You’re up for the challenge of preparing the perfect barbecued mahi-mahi tandoori — just give yourself plenty of time.


You may recently be plagued with insomnia, but avoid taking potentially addictive sleeping pills, especially when relief can be found in foods. Cherries and pure cherry juice contain high levels of melatonin, a natural sedative that should send you peacefully into the arms of Morpheus without the use of nasty drugs.

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Seeing things clearly today may also help you see the error of your ways when it comes to food. Perhaps things started making sense when you caught a glimpse of yourself stuffing pork rinds into your mouth. Watching yourself eat stir-fried tofu with snap peas and bok choy instead is a much prettier picture.


You realize today that life is too short for holding grudges, so let go of past grievances and learn to live and let live. You should be delighted to leave your childhood aversion to cauliflower behind, and dig into a yummy Creole cauliflower and cheese casserole.


You do your friends a favor today, so take advantage of the moment should they offer immediate compensation. Suggest dinner at an upscale Chinatown restaurant where you don’t know whether to have the Peking dumplings or soft fried fish. Go for both, and don’t forget to share.


Bickering co-workers with their drama and sniping may drive you nuts today. There’s no escaping them, so do your best to focus on work. You may find peace when you lunch alone, and you should be able to enjoy your vegetable beef soup and Caesar salad without being forced to listen to their ceaseless whining.


Staying grounded today is tough, as daydreams want to take you far, far away. Keep your focus, as the stuff dreams are made of could be in your very near future. That’s when you discover that actually eating a big bowl of freshly made New England clam chowder is much better than dreaming about it.


Covering the small details immediately leads to a relaxed, worry-free day, but don’t even think about the tiny things later, unless you’re presented with a plate of steamed littleneck clams in garlic, lemon and olive oil. If so, from small things big delights should undoubtedly come.


You should learn a valuable lesson in trust today as devious co-workers with only their best interests in mind betray you. Your best defense is to keep your distance from them. It’s a good thing you brought homemade tomato bisque and roast beef on rye for lunch. Subtle reminders of home may help you feel better.

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