Chili’s 2 for $25 Meal Is Your Answer to Food Choice Fatigue

I think about food a lot. An unreasonable amount, actually. There is, of course, my day job as a food writer, but also the countless hours spent browsing the New York Times cooking app for complicated new recipes to try and building an encyclopedic knowledge of local restaurant menus for when it comes time to make weekend dinner reservations. But when it comes to actually making the decision of where — and what — to eat in the moment, thinking about the mundane practicality of food can be seriously fucking exhausting.

When that feeling, a combination of frustration and despair

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Health insurers add food, meal delivery programs to coverage plans

When COVID-19 first swarmed the United States, one health insurer called some customers with a question: Do you have enough to eat?

Oscar Health wanted to know if people had adequate food for the next couple weeks and how they planned to stay stocked up while hunkering down at home.

“We’ve seen time and again, the lack of good and nutritional food causes members to get readmitted” to hospitals, Oscar executive Ananth Lalithakumar said.

Food has become a bigger focus for health insurers as they look to expand their coverage beyond just the care that happens in a doctor’s office.

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Best healthy meal delivery services for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the immediate and lasting benefits of solid nutrition and keeping to a well-balanced diet. Those benefits are key as cold and flu season takes flight. If you’re looking for ways to zero in on cleaner eating habits this year, a meal kit company can help you eat better and learn to cook nutritious food at home, whether or not you’re making an official resolution to have a health reset.

As you’ll see from a quick glance, just about every meal kit company claims to be a “healthy” meal kit company. Slick marketing

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The ultimate meal planning guide to beat the lockdown cooking slog

Simon and Yana Shaer live in north London with their two boys – seven year-old Noam, and Reuben who’s 10. Both parents are currently working from home (Simon is a surveyor and Yana works for HSBC), and share the cooking and looking after the boys. Fitting their work around this is no small feat.

The challenges of lockdown are ­particularly defined at the end of the working day and start of the evening. “There used to be a time when you came in from work and chatted to coffee bean brands australia the boys, had a cup of tea, then

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