‘This Can’t be Legal:’ Uber Eats driver questions food cooked in a home kitchen

‘Ghost kitchens’ concern delivery drivers, customers

CHICAGO — Online food deliveries have exploded during the pandemic. But when you make your order, do you really know who’s cooking your food?

WGN Investigates uncovered a case where a delivery driver said he picked up meals that were prepared in the kitchen of a suburban apartment.

WGN Investigates is identifying the driver only by his first name; Kurt.

“I was thinking this can’t be legal,” he said.

Kurt informed

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Store-bought is (actually) fine: Letting go of the pressures of perfection in the kitchen

I’ve written here before about how I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. Part of that, I’m sure, is that I would set myself up for failure with outrageous or unwieldy goals, written on a whim on December 31st with no plan in place to actually achieve them. However, this year I set one goal that feels not only achievable, but necessary: Eat more vegan meals. 

Food writers and chefs far more eloquent than I have weighed in on the importance of incorporating more plant-based meals into our diets for both our personal health as well

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One woman’s ‘Kitchen Bible’ has fed the Coast for 25 years

When Audrey Duncan moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast about 25 years ago, it was nearly impossible to find a restaurant serving the home-style southern cooking she grew up eating in Natchez.

The Coast celebrated and showcased its local shrimp and oysters. But Duncan knew that the tourists who visited from other parts of the country, as well as native Mississippians, were just as likely to crave other southern favorites, like collard greens, black-eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken and peach cobbler.

And so she set out to make a place for fresh, made-from-scratch soul food on

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5 ‘Green’ Cooking Habits That Are Easy To Adopt In Your Kitchen Right Now

If you’re aiming to be a more planet-friendly person this year, you can follow the examples of chefs who have made a commitment to reducing food waste and being more environmentally friendly in their own kitchens.

Of course it’s true that many of us — including these chefs — can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the issues facing our planet, but just one person can make a difference, they said. Consider this thought from cookbook author and chef Robin Asbell, who told HuffPost: “It’s easy to feel like one person in a sea of billions. But every plastic bottle of

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