Frugal mum teaches her son to cook his own school lunches – that cost just 15p a day

A frugal mum who was sick of giving her son £2 a day to buy pasta at school has taught him how to make his own lunches – that cost just 15p per day.

Stephie Lehrle decided it was time her son learned to cook after she added up how much he was spending on food at school.

Instead of giving him the £2 for dinner, she spent an extra pound and brought home all the ingredients he would need to recreate the dish, before teaching him how to cook it.

Together, they then made a whopping 20 portions –

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The best Valentine’s Day food gifts for guys

I’ve never been one to scoff at a surprise gift of fresh flowers or chocolate (dark chocolate, in case anyone I know is reading). But if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day food gift with a little more meat on its bones, there are endless options to whet even a caveman-esque appetite. 

The internet is chock-full of edible gift ideas for the big guy in your life, from cured beef bouquets (you read that right) to fine artisan sauces, boxes of high-end Wagyu steak and even some Valentine’s Day-themed bagels fresh from a New York bakery. A good bottle of

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Recipes for snacks, how to make easy appetizers for at-home NFL game day party

Super Bowl 2021 <a href="" data-internallinksmanager029f6b8e52c="1" title="food">food</a>: Recipes for snacks, how to make easy appetizers for at-home NFL game day party

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Aldi customers will love St Valentine’s Day special versions of food favourites

The 99p beer at Aldi that should have gone to pubs



Discount supermarket chain Aldi is helping shoppers get in the mood for love for a range of products especially-designed to mark St Valentine’s Day.

Back by popular demand this Valentine’s are Aldi’s Love Nuggets – and they’re joined by a whole host of other heart shaped foods to love.

Hitting shelves from February 7, Aldi’s fun and quirky heart-shaped collection of traditional favourites starts 85p.

The range includes Lakeland’s Valentines Crumpets (85p, 4 pack) available from February 14. A delicious breakfast staple, best topped

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Wednesday February 3, 2021