Minnesota Cooks cookbook highlights local ingredients, farmers and chefs

Since 2003, the Minnesota Farmers Union has been connecting farmers and chefs in a popular, recipe-driven program called Minnesota Cooks, which culminates in a fun and fascinating annual event at the Minnesota State Fair. The program is also responsible for the ultimate fair freebie, the gotta-have Minnesota Cooks calendar.

Armed with nearly 20 years of recipes that celebrate Minnesota-grown ingredients, longtime Minnesota Cooks writer Claudine Arndt and photographer Katie Cannon have produced “The Farmer and the Chef” (Globe Pequot, $27.95), a lively, informative and user-friendly cookbook that illuminates the lives of the state’s farmers and food makers, then continues to

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Desi cooks call for end to Western whitewashing of food

The Hindi expression “ghar ka khana” translates, quite simply, to “home food,” and it carries with it a certain sentimentality. It’s the crackling and pop of jeera hitting the pan. It’s the jarring whistle of the pressure cooker as dal softens on the stove. And the slightly sweet smell of just-done basmati rice has a universal meaning: It’s time to sit down for a meal.

Desi American families hold their recipes close; they’re a tangible reminder of home and the generations it took to perfect them. But a step outside into the food landscape of the white west often

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Kitchen robot in Riga cooks up new future for fast food

A pasta order comes in and the robotic arm springs into action at the Roboeatz eatery in Riga. After five minutes of gyrations, a piping hot plate is ready.

The Riga cafe, located under a crumbling concrete bridge, is designed in such a way that customers can observe the robotic arm at work.

It also has a seating area, although most customers prefer take away since vaccination certificates are required to be able to eat indoors in Latvia.

A Roboeatz app allows customers to order and pay for their dish before picking it up at the cafe.

“The food tasted

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Bain Barbecue food truck cooks up Texas-style barbecue in Memphis

For months now, every Sunday morning folks have lined up in lawn chairs in front of a small aluminum food truck.  What were they patiently waiting in line for? Bryant Bain’s Texas-style barbecue.

Tender brisket, meaty fall-off-the-bone ribs and Instagram-worthy “Dino” beef ribs are just a few of the items that have created an almost cult-like following for Bain Barbecue.

Bain Barbecue debuted March 28. The new food truck originally was parked at the corner of Central Avenue and was open only on Sunday. Initially, service would start at 11 a.m. and, on most days, the barbecue was sold

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