Here’s a very simple and delicious way to feed your family protein and it’s super quick to make too! All you need is your favourite protein, the marinade and a griller and that’s it!

You can eat these as a snack! You could put them inside a tortilla and throw in your choice of sauces and vegetables and you have yourself a nice tortilla roll!

You could simply crumble them and stuff them inside two tortillas and some cheddar cheese, grill it and you have yourself a yummy and crispy Quesadilla.

You could crumble them, stuff them inside a burger, line it with some tomatoes and lettuce, add a slice of cheese and a drizzle of mustard will give you a quick burger!

Let me stop here and let you make these first and then we can talk about what more we can do with these very versatile protein fingers. Well you could just use the marinate for vegetables as well and make yourself a nice grilled vegetable salad too.

Serve Protein Fingers along with Dill Leaves & Parmesan Dip during your dinner time or serve it as a snack in your house parties.

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