Good news for all Japanese-food lovers in Cambridge, WakuWaku Ramen and Sake is bringing its innovative ramen culture to Harvard Square. 

Tucked into a row of shops and eateries on Brattle Street, WakuWaku’s new location will officially open around late April, giving Cambridge students and residents another ramen option, along with the Boston Ramen Company and Hokkaido Ramen Santouka.  

The WakuWaku storefront on Brattle Street in Cambridge. The eatery is expected to open in late April.

WakuWaku means “pleasing” or “thrilling” in Japanese, and the company’s mission is to use innovative ingredient combinations in a cozy atmosphere under neon lights for its customers.  

Unique dining style

Rachel Blumenthal, the editor of Eater Boston, is a ramen lover who’s visited many ramen shops in Cambridge. She found that ramen restaurants all have their unique dining style.  

“The Boston area’s ramen restaurants do try to make an art form out of focusing on one or two regionally specific styles of ramen,” Blumenthal said. “Some focus exclusively on Jiro-style ramen, while some other focus on creating a Japanese eating environment for their customers.”