Grocery shopping and cooking for one can be tricky skills to master. You go to the store with the best intentions, but if you’re not a meticulous meal planner, produce inevitably goes bad before you’re able to eat everything. I mainly cook for myself, so in an effort to keep my produce fresh and give myself as long as possible to utilize everything, I’m constantly searching for more sustainable food storage solutions than the plastic bags of my youth.

Reusable silicone bags work well enough, but they’re hard to clean. Mason jars are economical and practical, but I’m always hunting for the right lids. Plus, these solutions are better designed for storing leftovers, or taking snacks or sandwiches on the go. What about the other half of that lemon I squeezed over greens for dinner? What about the avocado half I’m saving for tomorrow’s breakfast? It turns out the solution for storing them was as simple as this affordable set of versatile, reusable silicone Food Huggers.

One pack of Food Huggers comes with five circular pieces of silicone in varying sizes that can stretch to fit around almost any partially used piece of produce. Unlike a silicone bag, which can be difficult to seal without any air trapped inside, the stretchy material fits snugly around your produce, hugging it and keeping it completely sealed off from elements that can lead to early spoilage. If you’ve also lost all of the lids to your Mason jars over the years, you can also stretch the huggers over the lids of jars, using them as replacement caps to seal a batch of pickled onions or a few tablespoons of leftover salad dressing. Or, stretch them over unfinished cans of beans or pet food.

Food huggers are dishwasher safe and easy to store—the varying sizes nest together, meaning they can be stored as one flat disk that’s small enough to slide in a silverware or utensil drawer. It’s easy to keep everything together, so you don’t have to hunt for the right sized lid every time you need to seal a jar. Seeing your half bell peppers and quarter onions covered in cheerful, bright silicone in the refrigerator is satisfying. And the fresh, crisp produce you’re left with—even after a couple of days—will have you shopping for another set, and maybe even saying goodbye to plastic bags forever.

Food Huggers, Set of 5

$14.00, Amazon

Food Huggers, Set of 5

$15.00, Amazon

Originally Appeared on Epicurious