So you’ve occur property from the shelter with a new pup — or perhaps a scruffy, old pet dog confirmed up on your doorstep. Nonetheless you finished up with this four-legged good friend, how to feed and get care of it properly is very likely one particular of the first points on your intellect.

In accordance to Wag, your doggy could experience avoidable weight reduction, lower vitality, nutrition-linked medical disorders and even death if you are not feeding it more than enough foods.

On the other hand, Born Free Pet Meals states overfeeding your pet can direct to obesity, which is joined to coronary heart and respiratory problems, as effectively as a shorter existence — not to point out the funds you’d be wasting on all that extra kibble.

How substantially must I feed my puppy?

All puppies are unique, but the best apply is to simply stick to the instructions on your pet food bag.