Level 2 Coffee & Food in Penang

We may not have flying cars yet, but we can imagine what it’s like to be in the futuristic settings of sci-fi movies at places like Level 2 Coffee & Food. This new industrial cafe in Butterworth, Penang, is where you can dine on hearty breakfast meals and coffee in an outdoor camping area, or at a fiercely futuristic-style indoor dining area.

The cafe officially opens on 18th June 2022 – so read on to find out more about this cafe.

Cafe with a futuristic theme and good food

Level 2 Coffee & Food - inside
Image adapted from: Tam Chiak Eh Me

Step through the doors of Level 2 Coffee & Food cafe, and you’ll be greeted by a modern space with bare concrete benches and walls that are contrasted nicely with splashes of fluorescent blue.

Level 2 Coffee & Food - decorImage adapted from: @see_lee0620

The grey walls and floors are embellished with a bit of shine, making the interior look like its aluminium-clad – reminiscent of the walls of a futuristic spacecraft.

Image adapted from: @tracy3461

Coupled with metal and glass furnishings – and minimal and tasteful decor items such as a ‘Kaws’ figure and blue-and-white skateboards hung on the walls – the cafe gives off major sci-fi vibes, enhancing the illusion that you are dining in a space capsule.

Level 2 Coffee & Food - camp
Image adapted from: Tam Chiak Eh Me

Besides its intriguing indoor dining space, the cafe also has an alfresco dining area that has been decorated with boho-style camping chairs, camping storage boxes as tables and even a teepee tent. Here, patrons can have a ‘camping’ sesh in the city, and snap photos while dining on the cafe’s menu of burgers, Japanese food and more.

Level 2 Coffee & Food - pet
Image credit: @tigerrrr_baby_girl

Parents of furkids will be delighted to know that Level 2 welcomes patrons to bring along their pets for dine-in at the alfresco area too, so feel free to enjoy a brunch date with your beloved pets here.

Serves brunch staples, Western cuisine and Japanese donburi

Though the cool decor and theme of the cafe is enough to make patrons want to drop by for a visit, their menu is impressively extensive too. They serve a selection of breakfast classics, available till 12PM, which includes brunch meals such as Avocado Toast (RM24) and English Muffins (RM21).

Level 2 Coffee & Food - foodImage credit: @zhiyua_46

If you’re dropping by after 12PM, the cafe offers a variety of main courses as well – from classic comfort food such as the towering Spicy Garlic Chicken Burger (RM26) and a filling plate of Sea Bass Spinach Risotto (RM33), to more exquisite dishes such as the Orange Sauce Duck Breast (RM24).

Those who cannot forgo a meal with rice can opt for their Donburi selection, which includes Japanese Curry Chicken Donburi (RM19) and Salmon Mentai Donburi (RM29).

Level 2 Coffee & Food - coffee
Image credit: @food__diaries_98

For the drinks, some creative sips worth trying are Rose Latte (RM12) for a caffeine kick with floral notes, or Yam Milkshake (RM15) for something to cool you down from the Malaysian heat. There’s also the Peach Passion Soda Drink (RM14) and Avocado Yogurt Drink (RM17), if you’re looking for a more nutritious concoction.

Level 2 Coffee & Food - drinks
Image credit: @see_lee0620

Level 2 Coffee & Food is a futuristic cafe in Butterworth

If you’re starting to grow bored of your usual coffee haunts and would like a refreshing change of ambience, do bookmark Level 2 Coffee & Food for your next brunch excursion in an ultra-modern space – with good food and drinks to accompany you, of course.

Address: No 1, Butterworth Business City Centre, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 011-2082 0938
Level 2 Coffee & Food’s Facebook

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Cover image adapted from: Tam Chiak Eh Me, Level 2 coffee & Food, and @tracy3461

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