Masako, an Osaka-based mother and baker extraordinaire, creates cookies inspired by Japanese cuisine. While the tiny treats may look like mini meals, they’re actually simple sugar cookies topped with intricately sculpted icing – a delicious and inventive craft she showcases on Instagram.

An avid baker, Masako has documented her collection of cookies for about a year now. While always impressive, her dessert designs have come a long way—though she’s always had a penchant for recreating familiar foods. In the past, she often paid homage to classic snacks like bacon, hot dogs, and cupcakes, as well as a delicious assortment of strikingly realistic cakes. She’s also reimagined bouquets of flowers, festive holiday trimmings, and even impressive icing drawings of beloved movie characters. Few of her creations, however, were as detailed as the Japanese food-inspired treats she beautifully bakes today.

Far from your average cookies, Masako’s latest creations transcend sprinkles, frosting, and even two-dimensionality to magically mimic an assortment of Japanese culinary classics. To cook up each entrée, Masako first bakes a biscuit to use as the bowl, plate, or tray. She then molds each food item out of icing, using a wide range of colors, textures, and even opacity to capture the diversity of each dish. From slippery soba noodles and crispy tempura to rainbow rows of sushi and cloudy miso soup, each petite plate looks good enough to eat – both as a savory dinner and a sweet treat!

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