Spoons Across America — founded 19 years ago to enhance children’s understanding of cooking and health — has arranged for chefs and food professionals to visit New York City classrooms for interactive teaching sessions. This year, with the reduction and often elimination of in-person schooling, the nonprofit organization has created in-home courses for children to complete with their parents. The Food Exploration Project, suitable for children ages 8 to 11 nationwide, covers elements of taste, seasonal food, nutrition labels, healthy snacking and more, in nine sessions, each about 45 minutes to an hour long. The kit ($30) includes a guide for parents, an activity journal for the child, a child’s knife and an apron. Equipment for additional children is $10 each. There are also two free courses issuing new material twice a month, one called Food Explorers Club (for children ages 8 to 11) and a series of food-related story book segments (for children ages 6 to 7), both offering video sessions with printable materials.

Spoons Across America, spoonsacrossamerica.org.

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