TikTok’s air fryer tortilla pizza hack is perfect drunk food

My university times are prolonged previous. And they had been in no way genuinely that outrageous to begin with. But remember becoming younger: You’ve stayed up late, in all probability had like three way too several, you are hungry but capable of making only the most basic food items.

If you’re in that (altered) condition of mind, then this viral TikTok recipe for a tortilla pizza is pure gold. It is best trash, drunk food, and I necessarily mean that as a compliment. The video, posted to TikTok by @adriannamagnone, racked up extra than 10 million views.

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The best supplements for a full, healthy head of hair

So you might be starting off to recognize that your hair is not very what it applied to be. Probably your forehead is a minimal increased, the crown a small thinner. You’re commencing to see some hair decline. Nevertheless male baldness is common—two thirds of gentlemen lose at the very least some of their hair by the time they hit 35—the causes for it are assorted. In addition to genetics, hair reduction success from specific health conditions, meds, infections, radiation, toxins, and pressure. And in some parts of the environment, nutritional disorders and vitamin deficiencies can also bring about hair

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