Three quick and easy recipes for comfort and joy

Whether you oven it or BBQ it, make extra of this Filipino chicken so you can shred it into soups, wraps, noodles and salads (Lizzie Mayson/PA)

My mum calls this ‘any way chicken’ because you can make the chicken any way: I like cooking it in the oven (so I can forget about it); my mum likes to make it on the hob (to keep more of the sauce); and my boyfriend, Henry, likes grilling it on the BBQ (so it’s smoky and crispy),” says Melissa Hemsley.

“However you do it, I recommend making extra so that you

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St. Vrain Valley School District’s Latino parents want fresh, nutritious and healthy food served at school

A group of Latino mothers in the suburbs north of Denver, several of whom work or volunteer in their kid’s educational facilities, discovered a lot of kids weren’t feeding on their cafeteria meals. A lot of foodstuff was wasted. The kids  were coming home hungry. 

“They were super hungry, like starving, so they started inquiring, what is happening? Are you eating or, or what is heading on?” explained Caro Neri, a group organizer with ELPASO Voz in Longmont, which is component of ELPASO, or Engaged Latino Parents Advancing Their Students Results. It’s a neighborhood group that functions on difficulties

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