Find authentic Mexican food at this local truck



Chefs Ramiro and Jill Casaneda had been our next highlighted attendees of meals frenzy week earlier currently, displaying us genuine recipes straight out of Mexico! 

From Iguana, Mexico, Chef Ramiro Casaneda does not just check out meals as foodstuff for him it’s a vehicle to connect with his culture and heritage. Training his small children about foodstuff and how to cook dinner is pretty significant to him, and he and his spouse Jill delight in serving and sharing their lifestyle as a result of

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30 Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids That They’ll Absolutely Love

Photo credit: Westend61 – Getty Images

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Parents, you know it’s true — snack time is any time, when it comes to kids. And you probably also know this other kid truth, which is that just because they liked something yesterday, doesn’t mean that snack will still be acceptable today. Kids are funny like that, so we’re here to save you a few sighs and “what would you like this, time?” by giving you a menu of healthy nutritionist-approved snacks for your kids to choose

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