Queer food: the good, the bad and the unspoken

Dec. 1, 2021 | Let’s be perfectly queer

This article contains discussion of eating disorders

A package of luscious French chocolate truffles, shared among friends after a homemade meal of refreshing papaya salad and a breathy thai curry may be one of the most unintentionally queer things I have ever done. Food can be a conduit of identity, and Kyle Fitzpatrick, writer and editor for BOYS CLUB, has perfectly stated that “Queer food is not the ingredients, the cooks, the diners, the labels — it’s in the make.” There is an undeniable intersection between queerness and food, one that can

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What is matcha tea and what is it for?

Perbedaan Matcha dan Green Tea, Mana yang Lebih Sehat?

Matcha tea is literally “powdered tea.” This powder is made from a variety of green tea.

The preparation of matcha tea is at the center of the famous and age-old Japanese tea ceremony and has a long association with Zen. Matcha tea is the only form of tea in which the whole leaf is consumed, and because it is made from high-quality leaves, which are treated with great care, it provides more amounts of the healthy elements than other forms of consumption of conventional green tea.

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