5 Lessons About Cooking & Life Soma Learned in Food Wars!

Soma’s journey through Food Wars! and at Totsuki taught him valuable lessons about the culinary world and life itself.

The story of Food Wars! follows Soma Yukihira, who, despite being a chef rather than a fighter, fits nearly all the shonen protagonist’s requirements. Soma is noted for his can-do attitude, good work ethic, upbeat personality and willingness to learn new things and meet new people.

Many of Soma’s classmates are in awe (or envy) of his creative and impactful cooking style, and by the series’ end, he is practically the best chef of his entire generation. Still, he was humbled

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What foods should you avoid if you are allergic to nickel?

Nickel Allergy

The complications of consuming foods with nickel by people allergic to this element are extremely serious.

Nickel is the main cause of contact dermatitis, which causes great discomfort in the person who suffers from it. More than 15% of the population is allergic to this metal, which is present in cutlery, coins, glasses and many more objects that make up our daily lives.

In addition to contact dermatitis, nickel causes food intolerance and allergy. And we also find it forming part of the composition of some foods.

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How to eat healthy when you go to an Italian restaurant

Day 8 | MBratton

Just as it is possible to choose healthy dishes in a Chinese or Mexican restaurant, we can also eat healthy when we go to an Italian restaurant, choosing the most nutritious or best quality preparations from all the options on the menu. Come and visit the best restaurant here Moers Restaurant

The healthiest dishes in an Italian restaurant

Although it will always be better to eat and cook at home, in an Italian restaurant we have options to choose from as long as we look at the quality of the ingredients as well as the cooking method and the … Read More