New local cookbook documents 230 traditional Malaysian recipes

It is a cold, balmy evening… one of those gloomy, overcast days when the rain has cast a miserable pallor over the sky. But in 78-year-old Datin Kalsom Taib’s cool patio overlooking a fecund, foliage-laden garden, both the howling of the wind and the drip-drip patter of rain are ably drowned out by the animated conversation taking place between Kalsom and her 70-year-old cousin Datin Hamidah Abdul Hamid.

“I am not happy with this, the inside is okay but the outside is not cantik, ” says Hamidah, frowning at a disc-shaped kuih, the famed Borneo sweet treat, kuih penyaram (also

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The Best Place To Enjoy Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican restaurants are known as one of the most popular dining experiences of every traveler. The main reason is that Mexican cuisine is not only tasty but also healthy too. Numerous Mexican restaurants serve Mexican dishes ranging from traditional Mexican meals to exotic Mexican dishes and many others. Such a variety of Mexican foods can make your mouth water each time you visit a Mexican restaurant.

Authentic Mexican Restaurants

To ensure that you get the best Mexican food experience, it is best for you to savor the authentic and quality Mexican food at El Rincon Frisco. You can enjoy … Read More