Day: February 7, 2021

Priority Health offers immune-boosting recipes to try at home!

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Our friends at Priority Health know the importance of eating healthy, especially when it comes to building your immunity!

Shelly shows us how to make some great, kid-friendly snacks at home that will help boost their immunity.

Click here for a Simple Blueberry Smoothie recipe from Priority Health’s ThinkHealth section also has more immune-boosting tips and healthy recipes. Priority Health also has a team of care managers to help people with health concerns.

If you’re a Priority

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A Surprise Japanese-Korean Restaurant Draws Long Lines to a Santa Clarita Strip Mall

Just like everywhere else in America, it’s been hard for restaurants large and small in the Santa Clarita Valley to survive the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Newhall Refinery and King Kogy, once acclaimed as among the valley’s best places to dine, both closed within months of the first statewide lockdown orders last spring. Even supposedly invincible franchises like Round Table Pizza, PizzaRev, and Coco’s in nearby Valencia and Canyon Country have shuttered, at first temporarily, before quietly fading into oblivion. The legendary Saugus Cafe, the oldest restaurant in LA and a beloved breakfast spot that welcomed whistle-stop train tours

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Recipes for snacks, how to make easy appetizers for at-home NFL game day party

Super Bowl 2021 <a href="" data-internallinksmanager029f6b8e52c="1" title="food">food</a>: Recipes for snacks, how to make easy appetizers for at-home NFL game day party

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Sunday February 7, 2021