Aldi customers will love St Valentine’s Day special versions of food favourites

The 99p beer at Aldi that should have gone to pubs



Discount supermarket chain Aldi is helping shoppers get in the mood for love for a range of products especially-designed to mark St Valentine’s Day.

Back by popular demand this Valentine’s are Aldi’s Love Nuggets – and they’re joined by a whole host of other heart shaped foods to love.

Hitting shelves from February 7, Aldi’s fun and quirky heart-shaped collection of traditional favourites starts 85p.

The range includes Lakeland’s Valentines Crumpets (85p, 4 pack) available from February 14. A delicious breakfast staple, best topped

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Six Months of Soft Food Set Me Free

A common joke is that the chore of pandemic cooking has reduced us to eating piles of slop. But for a weird, specific, tertiary reason, I actually was. In May, I burned my esophagus. My doctor prescribed a soft food diet, for which there is no clear definition. Finding a truly soft food is difficult. Polenta can be rough. Beans have scratchy skins. Greens are fibrous. Rice is unyielding, bread is dry, yogurt stings, vinegar burns. Ground meat feels gristly, herbs have pointy stems, and entirely too many types of ice cream come with bits.

a close up of a plate of dessert

© Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock


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Japan to introduce fines penalising those breaking Covid-19 safety measures

Unlike many countries in the world which impose penalties for those breaking Covid-19 restrictions, Japan has thus far not implemented similar measures. But that’s about to change.

Following its approval by the Lower House yesterday, Monday February 1, Japan could enact the new penalty bill as soon as Wednesday February 3 to help combat the pandemic. Currently the proposed law is being debated in the Upper House.

According to a Japan Times report, the proposed penalties are:

  • Up to ¥500,000 fine for Covid-19 patients who refuse to be hospitalised
  • Up to ¥300,000 fine for ‘those who fail to participate’
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See the Best Food-Themed House Floats for New Orleans Mardi Gras 2021

a store front at day: ‘You Can’t Cancel King Cake’ is one of many food-themed house floats for New Orleans Mardi Gras 2021

© Clair Lorell/Eater NOLA
‘You Can’t Cancel King Cake’ is one of many food-themed house floats for New Orleans Mardi Gras 2021

During a normal February, New Orleanians out and about might cross paths with a Mardi Gras float motorcade, stopping them in their place for an indeterminate amount of time during a procession not entirely unlike the D.C. version. Then there’s getting around “the box,” the no-go driving zone from Canal Street to Louisiana Avenue that immobilizes cars before, during, and after a parade. This year is not normal, of course. In case you missed it,

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